Credit Union, Economic and Interest Rate Outlook

By Matthew Jacobsen, VP

In 2017, credit unions continued to see solid loan, share, and membership growth. Growth in these areas has been consistent since the last...

Calculated Shifts in Investment Strategies Can Yield Big Changes To Income and ROA

By Cynthia R. Walker, CEO

Credit unions in the asset range of 10 million to 250 million have seen their loan to total asset ratios increase in the last 5 years from a...

Investment Portfolio Considerations in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

By Jason Williams-Portfolio Manager and President of Moreton Asset Management

Member Regular Share Vs. CD Migration Analysis

How The Interest Rate Environment Affects This Relationship

By Matthew Jacobsen, VP

In June of 2006 the federal funds target rate was at 5.25%. From 2007 to the end of...