All Eyes Are on the Fed

By Mark H. Smith, Founder

As we close out 2015 the credit union system will complete its seventh year hobbled by historically low interest rates. The Fed pushed the...

Economic Outlook

By Cynthia Walker, CEO

The credit union industry posted some positive trends during the last quarter. Loan balances grew at a 10.4% annualized pace with July...

Loan Demand Forecasted to Increase

By Mark H. Smith, Founder

The November issue of Credit Union Magazine bore the following message on its cover: "Expect a Surge in Lending." With unemployment at its...

Just Say No

By Cynthia Walker, CEO

Life has a way of pestering you with issues from a myriad of directions, and sometimes it seems like the only response to the incessant and...

Implementing ALM Policies that are Functional from Mark H. Smith, Inc. on Vimeo.

Know When to Hold ‘Em – Utilizing Segmentation Strategies to Manage the Deposit Base